Being ambassadors of the breed

Currently Maine is not one of the states that has BSL.  Lets fight to keep it that way.   Strive to be the best owner you can be.  Here’s a few ideas on how you and other Maine Pit Bull owners can continue being ambassadors of the breed.
Spay/Neuter – There’s many benefits to spaying/neutering.  They should also be current on their vaccines and have the proper paperwork and tags.
Exercise – Pitties are generally high energy.  Be sure they get plenty of time to burn that energy.  Remember a tired dog is a good dog.
Positive Training – Obedience class can be a great way to help train, exercise, and socialize.
Socialize – Sooner the better.  Be sure they‘ve had their puppy vaccines and enroll them in puppy classes.  Or you can set up play dates with other good mannered dogs.  Socializing shouldn’t be strictly with other dogs. They should also be familiar with other animals, people, and surroundings.
Supervise – Never leave them alone. Even if it’s in your “safe” fenced in backyard this can lead to problems.  Remember not everyone loves your Pit Bull.  Sadly there’s many stories out there of dogs being stolen.  Often it’s just that couple minutes you ran in to get something.  Or they found a way to jump the fence, open the gate, dig under, whatever.  Sadly this opens you and your dog up to a world of problems.  An unattended dog is not a safe dog.
Leash – Always have them leashed.  A leashed dog is much safer and easier to control then one that has free roam.  It only takes a second for a distracted dog to have a horrible accident or be caught in a situation that could have been prevented.  Again, remember not everyone loves your Pittie like you do. The less chance of an issue the better for everyone.
Educate – We need to be patient with those that don’t understand our passion for Pibbles.  Stay calm, don’t be rude, and simply inform them of the facts.  They won’t all agree or listen.  However, if we can sway just one then we’re doing our job as Pittie owners.

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