Are shelter Pit Bulls safe?

For many years there was certain stigma about shelter dogs.  Some people even today think that “pound dogs” are the worst of the worst.  However, many of these Pit Bulls are often in the shelter for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with them.  The list of reasons or “excuses” are long. Just ask the shelter workers that have to hear them each and every day.

It’s important to know that these days there’s usually strict procedures in place to help protect everyone.  Pit Bulls are tested using a variety of methods.  If these dogs are deemed unsafe and rehab is not an option they are not adopted out.

Many adopters feel adopting from shelters is the safest way to add a dog to their family.  Reputable shelters usually leave lines of communication open.  If something comes up down the road they will help the adopter.  Training and other helpful information is often available.  With the proper screening of both dog and adopter they can live happy lives together.  Some of these Pit Bulls even go on to work in fields like service, therapy, government, or military.

Take all that into consideration the next time you’re considering another family member.  You can save more then one life.  When you bring home your new family member you open more space in the shelter.  Perhaps that buys the next dog enough time for another like you to come along and save another Pit Bull.

Note – Being a Pit Bull adopter and foster I can say there is something special and unique about saving them.  It’s almost as they know you saved their lives and they will devote their lives to thanking you.


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